Fusion-IR Expansion Packs for Slate Digital VerbSuite Classics

Fusion-IR processing captures the evolving character of time-varying reverbs using multiple true-stereo reverb streams that are processed simultaneously. The inputs to the convolution streams are modulated and the outputs fused into a rich, captivating space that mixes effortlessly with your music. Additional Fusion-IRs can be used with VerbSuite Classics via expansion pack installers.

All reverb devices within Slate Digital's VerbSuite Classics are given an FG designation (after co-founder Fabrice Gabriel) - for example the Bricasti M7 device appears as FG-BM7.

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Bricasti M7 Fusion-IRs

The Bricasti M7 is a highly prized true stereo reverb processor, widely considered to contain some of the best synthetic reverb algorithms to date. The free Bricasti M7 Fusion-IR Expansion Pack for Slate Digital's VerbSuite Classics provides access to a spectacular selection of reverbs taken from this unit using LiquidSonics' public domain Bricasti M7 Fusion-IRs.

Please ensure you have downloaded and installed Slate Digital's VerbSuite Classics before attempting to install the expansion pack. Both parts are required.

Windows Installers

Slate Digital Server LiquidSonics (Amazon S3)
FG-BM7 Part One Download Download
FG-BM7 Part Two Download Download

Installation: Download and run the executable installers, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Removal: Run the uninstaller located in Windows add and remove software via control panel.

macOS Installers

Slate Digital Server LiquidSonics Amazon S3
FG-BM7 Part One Download Download
FG-BM7 Part Two Download Download

Installation: Download and open the Mac disk images, then drag the files as indicated by the arrows. You must wait for Part One to finish copying before starting to copy Part Two so that macOS can merge the folders correctly.

Removal: Use this uninstaller (unzip, then right-click open) or delete the folders /Library/Application Support/Slate Digital/VerbSuite Classics/Units/8. FG-BM7 and /Library/Audio/Impulse Responses/Slate Digital/VerbSuite Classics/Bricasti M7 FIR8-96k.

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1a. On Windows installing to a different disk location than is the default will write a registry key so that VerbSuite Classics knows where to look for third party library files. Moving these files after installation will require consultation of the VerbSuite Classics manual to specify where the files have been moved to.

1b. On Mac, if installing to the default location VerbSuite Classics knows where to look for third party libraries. Dragging to a non-standard location requires manually specifying the location, see the VerbSuite Classics manual for details.

2. Due to the compression formats available for DMG formatted archives the macOS images (4.2 GB in total) are larger than the PC installers (2.25 GB in total). They both contain the same files and will consume approximately 10 GB after decompression. The smaller files size is achieved using the 7zip compression technology.

3. If you wish to use Reverberate 2 and VerbSuite Classics with the same set of M7 Fusion-IR files it is recommended to run both VerbSuite Classics' and Reverberate 2's Fusion-IR installers so that the presets are fully integrated. Next redirect Reverberate 2 to use the VerbSuite Classics installation of the Fusion-IR files (the location of which is made clear during installion). See the Reverberate 2 manual for details on setting a recursive path search to do this. When this is done, it is safe to delete the folders with the FIR files in them (those suffixed with FIR8-96k), but do not delete the banks folders (containing TFX or FXB files).

4. The files on the primary and secondary servers are the same, but the Amazon S3 backed primary server will likely provide higher download speeds at busy times.

5. All Fusion-IR files for VerbSuite Classics are provided at 96 kHz and resampled automatically to your DAW's sample rate.